Saturday 20 October 2018

TV series 'Amber' stars Bray native

A drama starring Bray native Eva Birthistle has been picked up by BBC Four and will also appear on RTÉ this year. Netflix will also stream the programme.

'Amber' is a four-part series about the sudden disappearance of teenager Amber Bailey.

Eva lived in Bray until she was 14 when she moved to Derry with her family. She later played 'Regina' in Glenroe before starring rolls on many film and TV projects including Waking the Dead.

The disappearance of 14-year-old Amber sets off a two-year search during which her family will go through unimaginable pressures.

As the days, months and years progress the mystery deepens, and strange and terrifying clues come to light, raising yet even more questions. The world becomes gripped by the mystery of the missing teen.

Set in Dublin's suburbs, with its massive empty modern office blocks, Amber's parents Ben and Sarah (Birthistle) are recently separated getting on with their lives. Everything changes, however, when Amber fails to return home and it turns out she never turned up at her best friends' house that afternoon as arranged. As her family search for her, their sanity will be tested in the harsh public glare of the media spotlight.

Lauryn Canny stars as Amber, with Raw actor David Murray as Ben.

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