Monday 19 March 2018

Signal ensures that the show does go on with fifth open exhibition

The fifth annual Signal Open exhibition takes place at the Signal Arts Centre between August 14 and August 27.

The Best in Show will be awarded €1,000 and will be announced at the exhibition opening on Friday, August 18, at 7 p.m.

Over the last 250 years 'Open Submission' exhibitions have become established as an essential element of Arts infrastructure. They act as one of the most accessible routes for artists to have their work seen by the public and are almost invariably amongst the stepping stones in an artist's career.

One of the founding members of the Signal Arts Centre, Jim Morrison, had always dreamed of creating an 'Open Submission' exhibition where the submission process was open to everyone who may not have exhibited anywhere before. He believed there is a huge amount of talent that goes unrecognised and felt that an opportunity should be there for all artists to exhibit their work.

The first Signal Open was in August 2014. Jim always took great pleasure when an unknown or up-and-coming artist was successful in their submission and he could not have been prouder than when he announced the 'Best in Show' at the exhibition openings each year since then.

This year, the 5th Annual Signal Open, will be all the more poignant because Jim passed away suddenly on July, 10, 2017. He would have said 'The show must go on' and would have been excited by the response and the quality of work submitted for this year's exhibition.

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