Friday 15 December 2017

O'Eir unveils his unique artworks

Artwork by Erik O'Eir
Artwork by Erik O'Eir

ERIK O'Eir recently unveiled the portfolio of his unique artworks, which he is calling 'Dendro-Liths' (Tree-Stones), at the Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Arklow in association with National Heritage Week.

The event was extremely successful and was well attended with the general public buying the smallest pieces.

Dendro-liths are a quintessentially Irish art-form having been developed from our indigenous art. It is tasteful and appropriately finished, lending itself to larger sizes and to being displayed in impressive locations.

Each piece is a bespoke study on one of the hundreds of actual pre-historic art-works, found in Ireland, with its address being part of its provenance.

Erik's inspiration stems from two of the elements of our cultural heritage: a fascination with the animations our Stone-Age ancestors chiselled into their little-understood, Megalithic structures, about 6,000 years ago; and his hobby of growing trees as ornaments and planting them in clearings.

Many of these engraved stones are exposed to the elements and the engravings on some are eroding away, while others are in sealed chambers which are inaccessible to the public.

Please call on 086-103 4539, email or visit facebook o'eirstoneart.

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