Tuesday 23 July 2019

Michael's menacing, eerie, thought-provoking works

One of the images from ‘Protest and Riot'
One of the images from ‘Protest and Riot'

The exhibition 'Protest and Riot' by Michael Ross will take place at Signal Arts Centre in Bray from Monday, January 21, until Sunday, February 3.

Michael Ross uses captured moments to trigger open questions; rather than telling a story, he presents the viewer with a snapshot that allows them to fill in the blanks.

In doing so, Ross highlights the subjective nature of human inquiry. The possibilities are dangerous, menacing and at times eerie, as though each moment we are presented with is a knife-edge, a critical point stripped bare of context for us as viewers to examine and assign our own values and judgements to. Full of anxious potentialities, the imagery springs from a position of rage, of indignation, of social and personal unrest. The people he portrays occupy a dangerous, but passionate space.

They are shown engaged in brute reality; self-absorbed and consumed by either the urgency of response to opposition or the motivation of their cause.

Ross offers you a window into the critical moment and then steps back, how you interpret the work, and whether you do so with impassioned empathy, cold political discourse or secret fascination is entirely up to you.

An opening reception will take place on Friday, January 25, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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