Sunday 25 February 2018

'Mic Shy' play great concert in Germany

WICKLOW acoustic band 'Mic Shy' were invited to perform in front of German audiences having impressed representatives of Eichenzell when they visited Wicklow last year.

'Mic Shy' played a gig in The Mystic Celt in 2013 as part of Wicklow town's twinning initiative.

Among audience members were residents of two of the towns Wicklow is twinned with: Eichenzell in Germany and Montigny, in France.

'Mic Shy' received plenty of plaudits for their performance which earned them an invite to Eichenzell in March for a large concert organised for the local German community.

The concert was held in an old barn which was converted into a concert hall. Led by the town Mayor Dieter Kolb, 'Mic Shy' were treated like royalty for the weekend, and were formally invited back to perform again in 2015.

Wicklow People

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