Sunday 20 October 2019

Kim Hayden enters the Eurosong race

Kim Hayden
Kim Hayden

Mary Fogarty

Kilcoole lady Kim Hayden is hoping to be in the running for next year's Eurovision Song Contest with the new girl group Liir.

Her fellow band members are former You're a Star winner Leanne Moore, and model and singer Michele McGrath.

They have submitted a song by Wicklow man Alan Earls, who has form having penned Johnny Logan's song in 'The Hit.'

RTE put the call out to the public for songs and it remains to be seen who the finalists will be, with Mary Byrne of X Factor fame also having entered a recording.

'I'm not allowed to tell you anything about the song yet!' said Kim, revealing only that it's a ballad.

'It's a big song, I would describe it as epic,' she added.

Leanne, Michelle and 'The Voice of Ireland' veteran Kim had all bumped into each other at various competitions and auditions as they began to carve their respective careers. They're concentrating on the Eurovision project for the moment, but Kim hopes that Liir will continue far into the future.

They have also earned plenty of valuable experience in 'the waiting game' which now follows until news of how they fare.

They think the appeal of a girl group, something new to Eurovision for Ireland, will help do the trick.

Liir will be darker and more of the Celtic tradition than 'bubblegum pop,' and include a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.

The closing date was last Friday, the day songwriter Alan's first baby was born - hopefully an excellent omen for the fate of the recording.

In other news, Kim has recently been writing with Paddy Casey. Their first single 'Out of Control,' has been universally praised.

'I'd love to put out another single, and we're still writing together,' said Kim, who has also supported Paddy at many of his gigs. 'It's knowing what to follow Out of Control with though.'

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