Tuesday 15 October 2019

Exciting times for the arts in Arklow as Asgard Theatre will open within weeks

There was great news for supporters of the arts this week as it was revealed that the new Asgard Theatre is just weeks away from opening its doors in Arklow.

Arklow Music and Arts group has been working hard on getting the project off the ground since 2014 and this week revealed that a new black box style theatre is to open upstairs at Kenny's of the Harbour on Lower Main Street.

The venue was made available following an appeal by Arklow Music and Arts seeking a suitable premises. Black box theatre, a relatively recent innovation, is an increasingly popular model for accommodating the arts, with its flexible nature very much one of its charms.

Members of AMA have travelled around Ireland and viewed a number of similar ventures, speaking to those involved and taking guidance on what would best suit Arklow's particular needs.

Work on the second part of the project, Asgard Theatre 2 will commence later this year, but for now, AMA's attentions are focused on getting their Asgard Theatre up and running.

'As work progresses on the venue, it is more than appropriate to take a time out from the renovations, to acknowledge the depth of financial contribution, moral support and - let's be honest here - love we have received from our many friends, family, over in the United States of America. We are forever in your debt,' a spokesperson for AMA said.

Wicklow People