Wednesday 24 October 2018

A master of lith prints

An exciting new lith print exhibition runs in Arklow throughout November. Deborah Coleman reports

An exciting new exhibition opened at Arklow Library last Thursday showcasing the works of County Wicklow photographer Brian McIlvenny.

Entitled Monolith, the exhibition features a collection of monochrome lith prints spanning twenty years of work in traditional film photography techniques and in particular in the classic lith chemical process.

Each original, limited edition gelatine silver print is hand crafted by Brian in his darkroom and as the lith process is unpredictable, no two lith prints are ever the same.

The exhibition was officially launched by author and Sunday Independent journalist Declan Lynch.

Brian began his career in photography as a commercial photographer in London after he graduated from the Gloucestershire College of Art and Design and graduated in 1980. He relocated to Dublin in 1995 and since then spent many years perfecting his technique and creating new works.

This is his first exhibition in Arklow Library, and he has previously exhibited in Arklow Visual Arts Gallery - the venue for his first solo show.

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