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Community unites to help prolong Agnes' life

Over €11,000 raised to help cover costs of treatment


Agnes Lepek

Agnes Lepek

The Lepek family with Agnes, third from right

The Lepek family with Agnes, third from right


Agnes Lepek

A Wicklow family has been overwhelmed by support to help them pay for their mother's medical treatment.

Mother-of-six Agnes Lepek was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in October. Unfortunately, six months of chemotherapy proved unsuccessful and Agnes received a terminal diagnosis of three to six months.

Husband Krzysztof and their six children have decided to do everything possible to help Agnes.

She is currently receiving immunotherapy treatment which may help to prolong her life.

Eldest daughter Vicki set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover the costs of regular Vitamin C IV drips which may improve Agnes's quality of life. The Vitamin C IV drips must be paid for privately by the family at a cost of €300 each.

So far, the Go Fund Me page set up by Vicki has raised over €11,300.

Agnes and her husband Krzysztof live with their younger children in Wicklow town. Their youngest son has Down's Syndrome and is waiting for a heart operation. Eldest daughter Vicki is currently based in Co. Limerick.

Speaking to this paper, Vicki Lepek said, 'her chances are poor, but this may prolong her life. Mum wants to fight and is not giving up'.

Vicki said the family would struggle to pay the monthly cost of €1,400 for the weekly Vitamin C IV drip, blood tests and other supplements along with the costs of travelling to the clinic in Portlaoise Co. Laois.

43-year-old Agnes started on the Vitamin C IV drip last week.

Vicki said she is amazed by the support for the fundraiser, which exceeded its goal of €10,000 in 24 hours. The money raised will cover the cost of Agnes's Vitamin C IV drip treatments over a three to six month period.

'I didn't expect to reach the target. It's unreal,' Vicki said.

She added that her mum has 'good days and bad days. We are hoping the Vitamin C IV drip will help with her appetite and to build up her strength'.

If you wish to support the fundraiser, please visit www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-agnes-a-loving-wife-and-mother-of-six or search 'Go Fund Me, Agnes Lepek'.

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