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Cat rescued by a whisker after six days in tree

A ginger cat had landed on its feet after spending six days stuck up a 50 ft tree in the Tullow area.

The animal got stuck in the pine tree earlier this month but could not be coaxed down, despite the best efforts of the Carlow SPCA and local volunteers.

The Tullow Fire Crew were called to assist. Members of the local fire crew volunteered their time to help get the cat to safety. Unfortunately, they were also unsuccessful in encouraging the cat to climb down the tree.

The cat was finally removed from the tree with assistance from Lucas Tree Services and Codd Mushrooms who helped with a teleporter. Those involved in the dramatic rescue followed all HSE guidelines on social distancing. The ginger cat was said to in good condition with all nine lives intact after its long ordeal.

ISPCA inspector Fiona Conlon said in a post on social media, 'Although we often see cats go up and down trees with no problems but in reality cats are not really equipped to come down from trees because of their curving claws and body mass. Furthermore if they climb too high the cat can go into shock from fright which, keeps them from even trying to get down. Huge thanks to everyone involved, it was a great team effort and thankfully the cat was removed to safety.'

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