Transgender woman Bex Tallon de Havilland announced as Grand Marshal for Wicklow Pride Festival's first parade

Rebecca (Bex) Tallon de Havilland will be the Grand Marshal of the lnaugural Pride Parade in Wicklow town on Saturday, July 1.

Eoin Mac RaghnaillWicklow People

The Wicklow Pride Festival has announced Rebecca (Bex) Tallon de Havilland as Grand Marshal of their inaugural ‘Pride Parade’ in Wicklow town on Saturday, July 1.

A proud Irish Transgender woman, Rebecca personifies everything that Wicklow Pride stands for. She has overcome so many obstacles on her journey to becoming the amazing human she is. Today, Rebecca is not just living as her true self but is thriving, inspiring and guiding future generations.

Staying true to herself almost cost Rebecca everything. As one of her close friends put it, “To be who we are, we had to be willing to lose everything.”

As someone who has come so close to losing everything, including herself, Bex knows first-hand the pain of living someone else’s life and now spends much of her time advocating for the rights of others. She was instrumental in driving legislative change for Irish transgender people to be identified by their correct gender on their passports.

She also runs boot camps for Trans girls and is an active sexual health campaigner, journalist, grandmother and all-around queen.

Describing what Wicklow Pride means to her, Bex said: “I’m delighted it’s brighter for everybody right now, but I would say we still have a long way to go. I never thought I would live long enough to see society change.”

A spokesperson for the Wicklow Pride Festival added: “Having taken the reigns as Grand Marshall of the LGBT section of the St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin last year, there is no one more qualified than Rebecca to Lead us on our inaugural Pride Parade in Wicklow this year.

“Wicklow Pride Festival are a community group who have come together last September to bring a Pride Parade to County Wicklow. All are welcome to join us for Wicklow’s First county-wide Pride Parade on July 1. We intend to bring the parade to towns in different counties each year.

“Sign up to volunteer, sponsor or walk in the parade with your workplace, community group, sports club or association or just come along with your friends on the day. You can keep up to date with Wicklow Pride’s county-wide events on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or our official website.”

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