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Wicklow family will ‘never forget’ support from community as son Kane Fox (4) begins life after crucial surgery

He was born 28 weeks premature and later diagnosed with cerebral palsy but is feeling better than ever as he celebrated his fourth birthday on Saturday


Kane Fox.

Kane Fox.

Kane Fox.

Kane Fox.

Kane Fox.

Kane Fox.


Kane Fox.


KANE Fox celebrated his fourth birthday on Saturday as the youngster settles back into life in Rathnew after undergoing life changing surgery at St Louis’ Children’s Hospital in Missouri in US.

Kane is the son of Amy and Alan and he was born prematurely at 28 weeks, but managed to fight his way out of NICU to finally arrive home after eight weeks.

However, as he grew it became apparent that Kane had progressive cerebral palsy and he was eventually diagnosed with spastic quad CP.

The condition meant he had tight, stiff muscles in all four limbs which made it difficult for him to control his movement.

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Costly SDR Surgery was available for Kane in St Louis’ Children’s Hospital, which would improve his comfort, mobility and quality of life. His parents established a Just4Children fundraising campaign, which exceeded €100,000, and Kane successfully underwent his surgery in May.

He spent another six weeks over in the United States, before making his return home to Rathnew near the end of June.

His mum Amy said: “He is so much more comfortable after the operation and he has really settled back in now he is back home. His physio is going really well.

“We arrived home with a much more comfortable boy. It’s a lot for Kane to get used to as he had never experienced the motion of going forward.

"He is able to sit up on his chair now, or a stroller. The operation has made a huge difference to his functionality, and now it’s so much easier to change and dress him.

“Kane is non-verbal but you can tell he is so much more comfortable and he’s much, much happier.

“He goes for therapeutic horse rides near Blainroe and the woman who runs the classes was amazed at the difference in Kane. He was sideways on the horse before the operation, but now he can sit up on the horse. She was amazed. Things like that came immediately once he had the surgery.”

While the surgery provide a major success, his parents still had concerns over what sort of impact the operation would have on Kane.

Thankfully, he has taken it all in his stride.

“It was exciting for myself and Alan to see Kane finally get his surgery, but it was also a bit scary as Kane was like a new born after the operation, with little head control, but the physio has been building up his strength.

“We arrived home with new ankle braces for his feet and for day and night immobilisers.

“He has a new walking frame and we are just waiting on its delivery. He also needs a special needs trike so he can cycle. There is so much more he can do since the operation,’ said Amy.

Both Amy and Alan remain in awe of the level of care afforded to Kane at St Louis’ Children’s Hospital.

“The treatment he received over in the US was amazing,” added Amy.

“The extreme heat over there was something else but Kane was looked after so well. It’s actually one of the top three hospitals in America for this sort of operation, which we weren’t aware of until we arrived.

“Kane underwent two physio sessions a day, and we were provided with lots of ideas on what would be the best equipment to by for him.

“They also devised a programme for Kane and will be keeping an eye on his progress.”

Both Amy and Alan remain eternally grateful towards everyone who either organised fundraisers for their campaign for Kane, or who made contributions towards the costs.

“We can’t thank people enough and the generosity shown towards us and Kane is something we will never forget. We didn’t really know what to expect when we started the campaign but people were so good to us.

"We recently moved home to another house in Rathnew and Kane has settled in not a bother. It’s going to be a long road for Kane but we can already see the major differences the surgery has had, and none of what would have been possible without all the support we received.”