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Late Joe Dunne had big heart filled with love for his family


The late Joseph 'Joe Boy' Dunne of Glenealy.

The late Joseph 'Joe Boy' Dunne of Glenealy.

The late Joseph 'Joe Boy' Dunne of Glenealy.


THE family of the late Joe Dunne of Ballyknocken, Glenealy have paid tribute to him following his peaceful passing in January.

Joe is sadly missed by his loving wife Eilish, Children Jacinta, Joseph, Samantha, Jason, sons in law Noel, Les, Daughter in law Tracy, Grandchildren Leann, Ian, Mickaela, Codie, Chloe and partners, Great Grandchildren Ellie, Ronan, Brother Jamsie, Sisters Gladys, Mary, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

He passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 11 at home, surrounded by his loving family.

Joe was a quick witted, stubborn joker who always had a comeback for anything or anyone, he would slag you all day long but at the end of the day it was his way or the highway and that was that.

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Joe was a very proud man, his heart was big and strong (I say this because he had a quadruple bypass over 20 years ago and it was still beating strong) and filled with love for his wife Eilish, his one and only since they were teenagers.

They got married when Joe was 20 and stayed together for almost 60 years.

Joe was gentle and kind when it came to children, he always had a soft spot for them, with four of his own, five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and plenty of other children along the way too.

Whether it be friends children or children of friends children, he always had time for them and enjoyed teaching them new things or dropping facts or information along the way.

Joe enjoyed the simple things in life, a cup of tea in the morning (no milk), Eilish’s cooking/baking (who didn’t), shooting, driving, watching TV (mainly Westerns but enjoyed the Snooker too), winding people up, drinking pints - holding up the bar… it was thought for sure The Pecker would have gone out of business without him by now.

Although his family miss him more than words can say, they know for sure, he would not want them crying or moping around but instead to choose to celebrate his life, with a Heineken, and remember all the good and funny times they had with him.

Joe’s wish was to be cremated and scattered in the back field behind his and Eilish’s home where he can watch over it. His wish is halfway there and when the time is right will be fulfilled.

Many thanks to all of you who sent cards, messages, calls or spoke to his family in person, came to the wake and/or service.

Your kind words and comfort meant a lot to us through those hard times. We are beyond grateful for everyone’s help.

We move on now with memories, one day at a time and as they say, those who love you, don’t really go away, they walk beside us every day.

Remembering Joe’s brother Jamesy who sadly passed away the day after Joe’s service.

All brothers reunited now; may they rest in peace with their sisters.

A Poem for Joe

Joeboy gained those angel wings,

No pain now, joy and relief it brings,

The call it came at home while sleeping,

Precious memories we are keeping.

The love of his life above all others,

Eilish, his wife, my dear grandmother,

Almost sixty years they spent married,

True love, it always carries,

Never left the house without a kiss,

“Ah my Joe” – mutual feelings of bliss,

Role models, my hero and queen,

All of this completely unforeseen.

The bar stands still, an empty stool,

The Woodpecker too, has lost a jewel,

In the corner is where he could be found,

Now a sadness is felt all around,

No smart remarks or slagging friends,

Our hero till the very end.