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Vandalism of Ashford Community Park slated by Cllr Mary Kavanagh


Cllr Mary Kavanagh.

Cllr Mary Kavanagh.

Cllr Mary Kavanagh.


CLLR Mary Kavanagh has criticised persistent vandalism taking place at Ashford Community Park and has called for tighter security measures to be considered at night time.

Speaking at last Monday’s monthly meeting of Wicklow Municipal District, Cllr Kavanagh said: “The little park in Ashford is being constantly vandalised. It’s hear-breaking to see something so important to the local community being destroyed by mindless vandalism. Is there anything we could do?

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“I don’t think the gates are closed at night. I know the walls aren’t that high, but a locked gate might make it more difficult for people to get in during the night.”

District Engineer Kevin Scanlon said he would follow the matter up and see if locking the gates at night might act as some kind of deterrent.