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Motorists challenge Gardaí despite obstructive and illegal parking at Wicklow tourist hot spots


An illegally parked car getting towed from Brittas bay over the weekend.

An illegally parked car getting towed from Brittas bay over the weekend.

An illegally parked car getting towed from Brittas bay over the weekend.


WICKLOW Gardaí issued over 100 fixed charge notices to illegally parked cars and had six vehicles towed away from Brittas Bay and Magheramore over the weekend, despite the amble parking provisions put in place by Wicklow County Council.

The traffic chaos ensured despite Wicklow Gardaí issuing repeated warnings prior to the weekend, asking motorists to avail of the car parks at Brittas Bay and Magheramore and advising not to park in a manner that obstructs traffic.

Superintendent Declan McCarthy said many motorists displayed a “strong sense of entitlement” when approached by Gardaí about the obstructive manner in which they were parked.

“We had traffic issues in Brittas Bay and Magheramore throughout the weekend, despite the fact there were plenty of council and local parking amenities available, none of which were at capacity,” said Superintendent McCarthy.

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“Several farmers who were trying to move their tractors from field to field experienced difficulties because of the way people were parked. Pedestrians were also forced out onto the middle of the road because of the amount of vehicles parked on the side of the road.

“Some motorists were very argumentative when approached by the Gardaí and there was a lot of challenging behaviour. Some motorists had a very strong sense of entitlement. There was no need for anyone to park in an illegal or obstructive manner, considering the amount of parking facilities available from Wicklow County Council. It only costs €5 to park for the whole day, so people can’t use the excuse that they were being over-charged.”

Gardaí had resources deployed at both locations on Saturday to enforce parking regulations with the weekend heatwave in mind, but an incident at the flyover in Barndarrig required their full attention for most of the afternoon and evening.

However, further Gardaí were deployed to both popular spots on the Sunday to try and clamp down on the issues being experienced.

“I would appeal to people to avail of the facilities that are available. €5 is very little to pay for the luxury of an amenity like Brittas Bay, so I would ask visiting motorists to show the same consideration to locals as they would expect if they happened to live there,” added Superintendent Declan McCarthy.