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Loreto Bray student winners urge others to enter environmental awards


Aoife Blount , Erica Brierton, and Katrina Smyth.

Aoife Blount , Erica Brierton, and Katrina Smyth.

Aoife Blount , Erica Brierton, and Katrina Smyth.


Students from Loreto Secondary School in Bray were presented with their Young Environmentalist Awards and are calling on people across Ireland to follow in their footsteps.

Young Environmentalist Award Winners are calling on future environmentalists from across Ireland to take action and apply to the 2022 Young Environmentalists Awards programme (YEAs).

The winners from Loreto are encouraging young people to create action projects in their school, community or at home.

Katrina Smyth, Erica Brierton and Aoife Blount were recognised for setting up a “seed library” in their school community with the aim of promoting biodiversity.

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They were the overall senior category winners for 2021.

The awards programme recognises and rewards young people aged 10-18 who have taken environmental action to benefit their community, created awareness of climate change and come up with creative solutions to solve environmental issues.

ECO-UNESCO visited the YEA 2021 winners from Loreto Secondary School in Bray to present their awards and launch the next year’s programme. Seedling Swap won the Overall Senior category award and Senior Biodiversity category at this year’s awards. Also, from Loreto Bray, The Rainwater Rescuers won the Senior Water Category for their eco-project.

Elaine Nevin, National Director of ECO-UNESCO said: “We are delighted to visit Loreto Secondary School and reward Seedling Swap and The Rainwater Rescuers for their action projects. These young people have set an incredible example of making a positive difference.

“With the climate emergency that we are facing, it is more important now than ever that young people get involved in creating a better future for their planet. In a recent survey by ECO-UNESCO, 58% of young people in Ireland said they would like more local opportunities to get involved in climate action and the 2022 young environmentalist awards are the perfect opportunity!”

Erica Brierton, a young environmentalist from Seedling Swap said: “Last year we set up a seed library in our school where students could bring their own seeds into school and swap with the ones in the library. This was a really great way of promoting biodiversity in our school and community. Every action counts no matter how big or small and we encourage anyone who has an interest in the environment to apply to the YEAs.”

Registrations are now open at YEA.ie