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Generators at empty school in Greystones shut off to relief of residents


CPAC Site Greystones.

CPAC Site Greystones.

CPAC Site Greystones.


Residents of Burnaby Lawn in Greystones have been complaining about noise coming from a nearby empty modular school building for the past number of weeks.

Generators causing the disturbance were shut off last Friday and peace restored. 

Deputy Steven Matthews was on site on Friday to talk to the contract team following extensive communication with the Department of Education. He suggested numerous solutions to the problem as I he has a background in power distribution and temporary generation supplies. They discussed all the options and a solution was decided.

The site in question is for what was supposed to be temporary school accommodation on the grounds of Éire Óg.

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The modular accommodation is for Greystones Community College. Other prefabricated accommodation will be ready by December, and a permanent school building is planned for a site at Charlesland.

The school is now in accommodation at the rugby club, so the buildings in question are currently not being used.

Residents had said that they were experiencing disruption at night from generators.

Ciaran Byrne of Burnaby Lawn said that this has been going on since August 26.

“They had to have power going to the alarms to get certified and they had to have them electrified 24 hours a day,” said Ciaran. “Each building has its own generator. Two are not too bad and two are very noisy.

“Nobody will turn off the generators,” he said, prior to a solution being found.

“Developers CPAC say they have handed it over to the Department of Education and the Department won’t reply.

“The buildings aren’t being used,” said Ciaran. “Yet the generators are pumping out diesel and noise.”

He described a “deep throbbing sound”, and compared it to camping at Electric Picnic and being able to hear a rave in the distance.

“Myself and my wife Cathy have had very disrupted sleep, as have neighbours,” he said.

“It’s affected our moods, and our ability to do our jobs.

“It’s mad to think we’re being disregarded by the people who have the power to fix this.”

Ciaran said that the developer had spoken of suggestions such as walls around the generators, mats, and ‘super silent’ generators. “Nothing has worked,” he said.

“It seems like we’re being told that we just have to suck it up.”

“I’ve had to shut the window but can still hear it,” said one woman, who said that the noise has occurred nightly for four weeks.

“Another sleepless night ahead of us here in Burnaby Lawn with the constant hum of the generators across the road,” said another resident.

“For four weeks now we’ve been subjected to these noisy and air polluting machines and despite our best efforts it seems as if no one cares or is actually willing to do anything about it.

“It’s got so bad that I’m considering going to stay somewhere else so I can actually sleep. I wake up nearly every hour with it and it is becoming unbearable. Please could someone listen to us and do something about it?”