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East Coast Nature Reserve host bird ringing demonstration


A freshly ringed bird ready for release.

A freshly ringed bird ready for release.

A freshly ringed bird ready for release.


THE Wicklow branch of BirdWatch Ireland held a bird ringing demonstration at the East Coast Nature Reserve in Newcastle.

Licensed bird ringers were on hand to catch and ring birds using mist nets in order to study their life history and ecology. Participants were also guided in helping release a couple of birds.

The annual BirdWatch Ireland Garden Bird survey begins on November 28. Members of the public are asked to keep note of the highest number of bird species visiting their garden every week, up until the end of February.

As the Irish countryside changes, gardens are becoming increasingly important havens for many species, and it is vital for us to know how their populations are faring. The Irish Garden Bird Survey does this not only provide evidence of how our garden birds themselves are doing, but also an indication of how the environment is faring in general.

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For further details on how to contact the Irish Garden Bird Survey coordinator just visit https://birdwatchireland.ie/.