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Deputy Jennifer Whitmore backs calls for clarity on surrogacy laws


Deputy Jennifer Whitmore.

Deputy Jennifer Whitmore.

Deputy Jennifer Whitmore.


A Wicklow TD is backing a campaign by families calling for legal clarity over surrogacy in Ireland.

Social Democrats Deputy Jennifer Whitmore has met with representatives of the Irish Families through Surrogacy Group. Members of the group held a protest outside the Dail on Tuesday, November 2 to highlight their concerns that surrogacy is not part of proposed legislation. Currently, Ireland has no laws to cover the legal issues related to surrogacy.  Irish Families through Surrogacy Group is calling for laws to be introduced recognise domestic and international surrogacy as parents can face legal difficulties due to the absence of legislation.

“For too long the issue of surrogacy has been put on the back burner by successive governments and it has left many families in legal limbo. It’s time that all concerns around surrogacy are finally dealt with in an honest and compassionate manner. I know many families in Wicklow who are directly affected by the lack of legislation and uncertainty as a result for them and their children,” Deputy Whitmore said.

Deputy Whitmore said she wanted the families to have the chance to tell their stories during the upcoming Committee process.

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“Hopefully, families in Wicklow and across the country will have an opportunity to be heard and legislators will be properly informed of the consequences lack of action and exclusion of surrogacy in legislation has had on families and children to date”, Deputy Whitmore added.