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Councillors call for solutions to solve safety issues outside Nuns Cross NS


Nuns Cross National School in Ashford.

Nuns Cross National School in Ashford.

Nuns Cross National School in Ashford.


COUNCILLORS John Snell and Mary Kavanagh met with representatives from Nuns Cross National School to discuss ongoing safety issues which both elected members raised at last Monday’s Wicklow Municipal District meeting.

Both Councillors visited the school on the Monday morning, before attending the Municipal District meeting held later that same afternoon.

Cllr Kavanagh said: “A report was carried out in 2021 and the long-term solution is a proper footpath. One of the short-term answers is hedge cutting. Can we request landowners to ensure their trees and hedges are cut back, and in the event that they don’t do it, the Council can step in and do it.

“There are a few things missing, such as a sign to say there are children at school or at play. The road markings aren’t evident on the verge and there are no raised verges on one section of the footpath.

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“There are going to be more roadworks in Ashford in a few weeks’ time and the school was wondering if the works could be lined-up for the two wees the school will have off for Easter.”

Cllr Snell commented: “There are a lot of potential quick fixes out there, as well as longer term ones. The main landowner is willing to give a section of land to the Local Authority in order to widen the footpath.”

Cllr Gail Dunne said Conor Page of Wicklow County Council had been liaising with the school, with Nuns Cross under consideration for the Safe Route to Schools Scheme.

“Funding is needed for a footpath and we need to get onto Wicklow County Council to apply to the NTA for proper funding. It’s something worth pursuing as it is quite dangerous out there.”