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Councillor calls for seasonal Local Link to connect Wicklow town to Brittas Bay and other beaches


Brittas Bay beach.

Brittas Bay beach.

Brittas Bay beach.


SOCIAL Democrats TD Jennifer Whitmore is repeating her calls for a coastal Local Link route to facilitate sustainable access to Wicklow town for people living north and south of Wicklow town, similar to a seasonal route currently serving Wexford.

A seasonal Local Link from Wexford to Curracloe has just returned, bringing tourists to the beach during the summer months, and Deputy Whitmore would like to see a similar seasonal Local Link put in place to cater to visitors to Brittas Bay and other nearby beaches.

Deputy Whitmore said: “Our beaches in Wicklow are currently not prepared to cater to the huge number of people flocking to our coasts on the weekends. It’s leading to huge traffic congestion, roads turning into car parks and even emergency services getting stuck in traffic. This is completely unsustainable.

“People visiting popular spots in Wicklow such as Brittas Bay and Maghermore, will continue to flock here during the summer months causing more traffic and congestion issues, if nothing is done to alleviate this yearly pattern.

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“That is why I am repeating my call for a seasonal Local Link bus route like the one in Wexford to Curracloe, to be set up both north and south of Wicklow Town. While I think this would address the seasonal impact of visitors coming to Brittas, I also believe a year-round Local Link would have a huge benefit in the area throughout the year.

“I have written to the NTA on many occasions, with a proposal, to put in place a summertime local Link route up and down the coast to cater to people who want to visit the area. I have written to the NTA again repeating this call in light of other counties receiving more funding for these initiatives.”

Deputy Whitmore is adamant that such a service would provide numerous benefits.

“It would be a win all round - reducing fuel costs, reducing car emissions and improving the situation for locals who are impacted by this. If Wexford can get funding for such a service then questions need to be asked as to why Wicklow cannot get a similar service especially as Brittas Bay is a much more popular beach than Curracloe,” she said.