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Council officials plan series of roadshows about dog control


Cllr Gerry Walsh.

Cllr Gerry Walsh.

Cllr Gerry Walsh.


Wicklow County Council is planning to hold a series of educational roadshows around the county about the control of dogs.

The topic came up at the January meeting of the local authority.

Cllr Gerry Walsh (FF) highlighted the issue of dog fouling, calling it an “ongoing problem”.

He said reports from local authorities in Dublin had shown that dog fouling was the main cause of four swimming bans in the area in 2021. He asked about the monitoring of bathing water areas in the county.

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Cllr Walsh said he had received complaints that some dog owners are not keeping their animals under control at the Cove in Greystones.

Council officials pointed out that the monitoring of water quality and littering are separate issues. Litter wardens focus on education and awareness as it is difficult to enforce dog fouling rules.

A new collaborative approach between the county's dog wardens and litter wardens is being planned. This will include a series of roadshows in housing estates around the county to highlight the rule around the control of dogs. These events would be subject to Covid-19 guidelines.