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Council home completions up 15 per cent as Wicklow soars up BER A-rated rankings


Wicklow now has more A-rated homes on the BER rating scale than almost any other Irish county.

Wicklow now has more A-rated homes on the BER rating scale than almost any other Irish county.

Wicklow now has more A-rated homes on the BER rating scale than almost any other Irish county.


NEW figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) reveal that Wicklow County Council (WCC) completed development of 15 per cent more homes in the first nine months of 2022 than in the same period in 2019.

There are also now more homes in Wicklow with the highest Building Energy Rating (A) than in almost any other county in Ireland.

A report from the CSO showed that a total of 31,092 energy audits have been carried out in Wicklow since 2009 and a huge 16 per cent of those properties achieved an A rating. The national average is just 10 per cent, and only three counties are ahead of Wicklow.

Neighbouring County Dublin boasts 20 per cent of properties audited having an A rating, as does Meath, while the figure in Kildare, another sharing a Wicklow border, is 21 per cent.

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The majority of BER-rated homes in Wicklow have achieved a rating in the C or D range (52 per cent), while 29 per cent are in the A and B range, and 19 are in the lowest range, E to G.

A survey was also carried out on fuel types used to heat the main space of homes, with the majority of Wicklow homes now heated by mains gas (40 per cent) or heating oil (36 per cent). A total of 20 per cent use electricity and just five per cent use solid fuels or LPG. These figures are very much in line with the national averages (39, 36, 19 and five per cent)

In total, across the first nine months of 2022, 928 new dwellings were completed by WCC, which is more than double what was completed in the same period in 2021 (502) and up 15 per cent on the first three quarters of the last pre-pandemic year, 2019 (806).

In the third quarter of the year (July, August and September), WCC completed construction of 41 single dwellings, 183 schemes and 108 apartments. 

That’s a total of 328, which represents less than 20 per cent of all new dwellings completed by local authorities in the Mid-East Region during the same time period; in Louth there were 191 completed, in Meath there were 386 and in Kildare there were 748.

It is down on the second quarter of the year (April, May and June), where 332 dwellings were completed, but up on Q1 where 268 were completed.

Year-on-year this was an increase of 41 per cent (231), which matches the national figure (6,743) in Q3 compared with the same time last year (11,428).

Planning permission was also granted for 218 properties in Wicklow in Q3 of 2022, with 74 of these listed as new construction dwellings, 57 as new construction ‘other’, 54 as extensions and 33 as alterations and conversions.

Overall 1,119 applications for planning permission were approved in the first nine months of 2022, which represents an increase of 50 per cent from the same period in 2021 and an increase of 76 per cent from pre-pandemic 2019.