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Bord sign off on 72 CPOs to facilitate Arklow Flood Relief Scheme works


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An Bord Pleanala has confirmed the compulsory purchase of 72 parcels of land in the Arklow area as part of the Arklow Flood Relief Scheme project.

Wicklow County Council asked the Bord to confirm the compulsory purchase orders (CPOs), which include the permanent acquisition of 65 parcels of land in Arklow, Ticknock/Ferrybank, Tinahask Lower and parts of the Avoca River.

The lands in question do not have houses built on them, have houses that are unfit for human habitation or are not capable of being rendered fit for human habitation at reasonable expense.

There are also seven parcels of land, located within the same townlands, that will be acquired on a temporary basis as part of phase two of the CPO schedule. The temporary right for the local authority and their workforce to use these lands is necessary for several reasons, including the transportation of vehicles, plant and machinery.

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There was a mixture of joy, relief and acceptance among the Arklow community during the summer as An Bord Pleanála finally gave their approval to the Office of Public Works’ (OPW) Flood Relief Scheme plans.

The estimated €28 million investment by the OPW will see Arklow’s river front and harbour undergo major works to improve its flood defences. Wicklow County Council will act as the lead authority in delivering the scheme, with full funding and support provided by the OPW under the Capital Flood Relief Programme.

The order for the recent CPO of the lands in and around Arklow will become operative at the expiration of three weeks from the date of publication of the Bord Pleanala notice.