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Wicklow vet Pete Wedderburn brings wealth of experience to new role with ISPCA


Dr Pete has been appointed to the ISPCA's Board of Directors.

Dr Pete has been appointed to the ISPCA's Board of Directors.

Dr Pete has been appointed to the ISPCA's Board of Directors.


The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has appointed Bray-based vet Dr Pete Wedderburn to its Board of Directors.

Dr Wedderburn is well known as a veterinarian in Ireland with a deep love for animals and brings a wealth of animal welfare experience across veterinary practice and pet care to the role. He’s also sought to share that to a wider audience through a weekly column in Mediahuis Ireland’s People Newspapers titles that has been running for 10 years.

A successful author of four books on pet health and care, Pete regularly makes contributions on animal welfare, behaviour and health on TV and radio as well as in national newspapers across the UK and Ireland.

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“It is a real privilege to join the board of the ISPCA,” he said. “I know the charity has ambitious goals and I look forward to supporting it to deliver. I am passionate about preventing cruelty to animals, promoting animal welfare and relieving animal suffering. I see this as an opportunity to ensure we keep focus on doing just that.”

Ms. Kerry-Anne Pollock, is the chair of the ISPCA Board and said Pete’s expertise and knowledge would prove invaluable to the organisation.

“On behalf of the board, we are delighted to appoint Dr Pete Wedderburn as a trustee,” she said. “Pete’s diverse expertise and depth of knowledge will undoubtedly support the delivery of the ISPCA vision. We are continuing to build out the strength of our board and Pete will be an exciting new addition.”

This sentiments were echoed by the CEO of the ISPCA, Dr Cyril Sullivan, who said: “Dr. Wedderburn’s appointment to the ISPCA Board comes at a time when we are just about to launch our new Strategy (2023 to 2027). I am looking forward to working with Pete along with the rest of the board to support and deliver that strategy.”