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New release by teenage musical artist Cian Dwyer


Cian Dwyer.

Cian Dwyer.

Cian Dwyer.


Cian Dwyer from Newtown has been creating music for a little over a year, and last week released his latest offering ‘Rosemary Thyme’.

Cian (15) has published two tracks in total over the past months, all created during lockdown.

The teenager’s biggest musical influences include Kanye West, The Weeknd, Nina Simone, John Coltrane and Duke Ellington for his musical style, and artists like Hozier, Leonard Cohen and David Keenan for his lyrical inspiration.

“I don’t actually know why exactly,” said Cian, when asked about his reasons for starting to make music. “I’ve been trying to think about it for a while. I think I just had something to say or show. It’s almost like an itch that you just kinda have to scratch out.”

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He worked with an American guitarist who he met online and Cian was interested in his guitar playing and sampling of people like Tyler the Creator.

They got in contact with one another and worked together on the track ‘Where the heights are Low’, which is Cian’s second uploaded track.

The Internet has played a part in Cian’s creative process. He said that otherwise he wouldn’t have met or been able to contact his collaborator.

Being online also helps the young
musician to reach listeners all over the world.

When asked if he thinks anyone can create, he said he believes that there is no set bar for creativity and anyone can and will create things.

“Even if some things hold you back you can still achieve your goals,” said Cian, who mentioned Christy Brown (of ‘My Left Foot’) as an example of a person who reached his goals even with his physical limits.

His creative inspiration come in moments with a burst or spark of creativity and the whole time between start and finish is of anything creative is more an experience than anything else.

Even drawing on material used in past works of other individuals can lead to incredibly unique pieces of artistic expression, said Cian, as it’s completely different and new depending on the person even though you are partly building on something else.

He doesn’t remember when he made his first track but he does remember that it wasn’t scrapped and ended up being converted and tweaked to what we now know as Midnight Vanguard.

He also believes that the creative process is never like a lightbulb moment and that it takes time to create something.

Cian also works under the alias ‘TODO’.

“I think Cian Dwyer is more of a personal statement while TODO is more of a vague collective idea,” he said.

He is currently using TODO for his latest project ‘TODOTheFashion’. His line of clothing is available on todoclothing.squarespace.com.

Both it and his new track were launched last Friday, October 15.

There are a few more projects lined up for the near future.

When asked if the greatest arts come from the darkest times, Cian’s answer is multifaceted.

“I don’t think it comes from specifically dark experiences, or happy. Baggage comes from a past. It all depends on personal experience, you can’t point at a person and say you haven’t had a dark experience so you’re not as good as the next person but in a lot of cases some of the most aspired and driven artists have been those who have had tragic lives.”

All experience, he said, can be turned into something creative or expressive.