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Leandro Gladstone’s look at the street life of two cities

Reporter David Medcalf worked through a language barrier to speak with Leandro Gladstone – photographer and musician. During his month in Ireland, the Brazilian opened Irish eyes to the universal scourge of homelessness




This is a story of friendship. And not only friendship. There’s music, philosophy, struggle, hope and photography in the mix too. But none of the rest of it would have come to the attention of people in Ireland but for a friendship forged in a city thousands of kilometres away, the width of an ocean removed from County Wicklow.

Your reporter met Leandro Gladstone in the Delgany apartment of his pal Glauce Lucas, who advised the journalist at the start of our conversation that ‘Leandro has zero English’. Not quite zero as it turned out. The man from Belo Horizontale jumped up from the sofa where he had been sitting and he stretched out his hand with a very passable ‘how do you do’.