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Bray’s AILSHA releases new single ‘R.I.P. (Dead 2 me)’


AILSHA. Photo: Mark Dupre

AILSHA. Photo: Mark Dupre

AILSHA. Photo: Mark Dupre

AILSHA. Photo: Mark Dupre

The artwork for AILSHA's new single.

The artwork for AILSHA's new single.


AILSHA. Photo: Mark Dupre


Bray artist AILSHA is set to release her new single called: R.I.P. (Dead 2 me), on all main stream platforms on Friday, September 30.

The County Wicklow native describes the song as “a spooky pop anthem for people romantically hurt in the digital age where every person is a replaceable avatar of affection.”

In the artist's own words: "There's nothing quite comparable to the feeling of being ghosted, and it happens all the time. The song is a satirical take on being ghosted, with a spooky twist.

"The lyrics ridicule the cowardly actions of ghosting in a magical mockery which I hope brings some humour to those who can relate. When the track was released in its previous form as 'Ghosted' in 2020, it had been thrown into the universe before its full potential was explored production-wise.

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"With vocals and sounds that have been recorded during the last two years, 'R.I.P. (Dead 2 Me)' delivers a punkier sound which is more in line with who I am now and I'm excited to share it with the world."

The rising star was recently voted one of Ireland's 'Most Promising' and 'Ground-Breaking Female Artist' in the Hot Press Hottie 2022 Awards. Described as Ireland's answer to Lily Allen (but with a goth twist), her songs deliver a witty vulnerability to which many can relate.

Off the back of her festival debuts at Indiependence Festival and Electric Picnic, the self-described ‘pink-haired pop-goth with a name that’s tricky to pronounce’, AILSHA (El-sha) was recently described as 'one of Ireland's most exciting new rock performers' by The Sunday World.

Music is in her blood. The daughter of composer, Shaun Davey (The Brendan Voyage), Rita Connolly (Granuaile) and sister of Cathy Davey (Tales of Silversleeve), AILSHA spent her childhood learning to compose and writing comedy. At the age of eleven she taught herself to produce and merged music with comedy in her teenage years. Today, her signature ‘goth pop’ style has been described as ‘horror Disney’, a statement which she believes is her crowning achievement to date.

As a child, AILSHA often dreamt of becoming a video games composer. In 2021 she fulfilled that dream and now is the official composer for Big Brother: The Game.

AILSHA will be doing a Halloween Tour of Ireland in October including headline shows in Dublin, Offally, Donegal, Mullingar and more.