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Bray comedian Seán Begley on the art of making people laugh out loud

Reporter David Medcalf spoke to comedian

Sean Begley about how he combines being a funny

man with teaching second class in a Bray primary

school and how the comedy he performs is laced

with sadness caused by the death of a friend


Seán Begley.

Seán Begley.

Seán Begley.


One of the problems with being known as a comedian is that people will insist, absolutely insist, on telling you jokes.So it is that Seán Begley finds himself being regaled by your reporter with an impossibly convoluted tale about Gilbert O’Sullivan.

When the punch-line is finally delivered, the 45 year old summons up the good grace to laugh with every appearance of sincerity. But  he turns down the offer of permission to use this piece of whimsy in his routine.