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Marts Reports

Marts Reports



47th Annual Bullock Show & Sale - January 26: One of the best sales on record with a good entry of Bullocks & Bulls which met with a brisk trade for all classes and a complete clearance of all top-quality beef and store cattle.

The sale was made up of approximately 80% Beef cattle and 20% Stores. There was a big attendance of buyers and a good demand for all classes and types of animals, there were some very big prices paid especially for the prize winners and particularly noticeable was the demand from farmers for smaller continental type animals.

The bidding was brisk both at ring side and on line. There was a lot quality of animals on show which led to some exceptional prices being paid.

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Tullow farmer Dermot O’Sullivan, Ardoyne won the Kinsella Cup for the champion of the Show & Sale in Baltinglass Mart with his Limousin Bullock weighing 875kg and making €2,150. This animal also took 1st Place in Class 1–Best Beef Bullock. Dermot also won 2nd prize in Class 1 with a Limousin Bullock weighing 855kg and making €2,160.

Class 2 Best Pair of Continental Beef Bullocks went to the Cronin brothers Sean & Colm from Grangecon.

Class 3 Best Lot of Store Bullocks was won by local farmer Tom Burke, Carrigeen, Baltinglass for his 470kg Bullock and making €1,260.

Class 4 Liam Burke, Woodfield, Baltinglass won 1st and 2nd in this class with his two Limousin bullocks weight 725kg price €1,880

Thomas Kavanagh, Collon, Moone won the Group Champion with a pair of Charolais bulls weighing 397kg and making €1,130.

Sample Prices: 1 x Lim 855kg made €2,160; 1 x Lim 875kg made €2,150; 1 x Lim 725kg made €1,880; 1 x Her 860kg made €1,830; 1 x Lim 770kg made €1,800; 1 x Lim 770kg made €1,780; 1 x Lim 655kg made €1,690; 1 x Her 720kg made €1,640; 1 x Lim 675kg made €1,640; 1 x Lim 645kg made €1,630; 1 x Lim 640kg made €1,590; 1 x AA 650kg made €1,585; 2 x Her 690kg made €1,570; 1 x Her 690kg made €1,530; 1 x Lim 620kg made €1,530; 1 x Her 680kg made €1,500; 1 x Her 645kg made €1,490; 1 x Lim 660kg made €1,460; 1 x Her 590kg made €1,440; 2 x Her 630kg made €1,400; 1 x Her 615kg made €1,400; 1 x Her 630kg made €1,380; 1 x Ch 600kg made €1,360; 1 x Lim 540kg made €1,300; 2 x Lim 500kg made €1,230; 2 x Lim 390kg made €1,130; 1 x Ch 450kg made €1,020; 4 x Lim 290kg made €880.

Sheep Sale - January 29: A very good trade. All sheep improved by €3-€4/head. Ewes with lambs at foot were in demand and make up to €300 per family. Cast Ewes also a good trade and made from €60 up to €140. Sample prices as follows.

Lambs: 5 x 51kg made €152; 13 x 46kg made €144; 6 x 41kg made €134; 26 x 44kg made €133; 5 x 36kg made €132; 3 x 40kg made €132; 14 x 38kg made €130; 11 x 40kg made €130; 4 x 36kg made €120; 5 x 33 kg made €100; 3 x 32kg made €97; 3 x 26kg made €90; 4 x 22kg made €65.

Next week we have Part 2 Heifers and Cows Show & Sale on Wednesday 2nd February at 11.30am and we look forward to another good day. Entries invited for next week’s sale up to Tuesday at 12 noon.


Sheep Sales - January 25: Better trade for the hoggets today with the fat and store hoggets better by €1 to €3 per head on last week. Similar trade to last week for the cast ewes.

Heavy Hoggets €152 to €156 or €96 to €102 over €/kg; Factory Hoggets €136 to €152 or €95 to €104 over €/kg; Store Hoggets over 40Kgs €115 to €133 or €85 to €97 over €/kg; Store Hoggets over 35Kgs €85 to €114 or €50 to €83 over €/kg; Heavy Ewes €140 to €168 per head; Lighter Ewes €88 to €136 per head.

Cattle Sales - January 27: Very lively trade for all classes, with a very strong trade for forward store and beef cattle.

Beef Bullocks €880 to €1,140 over €/kg; Cont. Store Bullocks €660 to €880 over €/kg; HE/AA Store Bullocks €400 to €680 over €/kg; Fr Store Bullock €260 to €520 over €/kg; Beef Heifers €690 to €960 over €/kg; Cont. Store Heifers €480 to €760 over €/kg; HE/AA Store Heifers €400 to €640 over €/kg; Beef Cows €400 to €900 over €/kg; Feeding Cows €220 to €380 over €/kg.


Sheep Sale - January 27: Larger entry with 2089 sheep on offer. Prices up by €3- €5 on last week which led to full clearance of all sheep on offer price of the day was €180 for a pen of Dorset Ewe hoggetts.

Lambs/Hoggetts over 50kg €152 to €158; 45-49kg- €147 to €154; 40-44kg – €135 to €146; 35-39kg – €117 to €133; Under 35 kg €90 to €120; Heavy Cull Ewes €145 to €180; Light Cull Ewes €90 to €140; In Lamb Ewes €160 to €200; Ewes & Lambs at foot €180 to €250.

Prices: 9M/H–47kg,–€150; 2E/H – 49kg – €153; 5 R/L– 41kg – €147; 10W/L– 34kg – €110; 32R/H – 48kg – €154; 15E/H–40kg – €137; 6 W/H– 49kg – €153.

Dairy Sale - January 27: 130 head on offer met a full clearance with a very strong lively trade for the quality lots with customers from both north and south logging on to buy stock Freshly calved aged cows started the sale of selling from €1220 to €1580 for a 2nd lactation cow

Next there was a special entry of 40 head of top quality in-calf heifers these heifers were mostly AI bred and mostly carrying AI calves these sold from €1440 to a top price of €1880 with buyers very active for well bred heifers with high EBI

Next up we had a sale of 40 incalf aged cows calving to the HE bull due mid February onwards these sold from €1000 to €1250 with selling between €1100 to €1200 for the younger types

Our next dairy sale takes place on Thursday 3rd February at 1pm