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GLAS extension will give Wicklow farmers more certainty


IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins.

IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins.

IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins.


THE IFA feel that the announcement that farmers participating in GLAS 1, 2 or 3 will be offered an option to extend their contract into 2022 will provide certainty for applicants.

The existing contracts are due expire next month and the extension is part of EU CAP Transitional Rules.

It has been confirmed that the process will be similar to that undertaken last year.

A farmer can extend their GLAS contract either by replying to a text message they receive from the Department, or alternatively online at agfood.ie.

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IFA Rural Development Chairman Michael Biggins said: “The process for farmers must be kept simple. All farmers who respond must get a confirmation of receipt of application. Any GLAS participant who has not replied by either method before the closing date of December 10 must be contacted again by the Department prior to the closing date to ensure all GLAS participants have ample opportunity to extend their GLAS contracts.”

An information pack was posted to participants conveying the offer to extend and the ways in which they may apply, and also providing current details of their GLAS contract and circulars summarising changes to the all of the relevant terms and conditions, and specifications.