Uisce Éireann to begin upgrade of water pipes in Greystones

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Tom GalvinBray People

Uisce Éireann is to begin carrying out works in Greystones to upgrade the pipework to some 28 properties in St Bridget’s Park and are expected to be finished by the end of July.

The utility said that protecting the water supply in Greystones is a vital focus for Uisce Éireann and further works are planned as part of its programme to drive down leakage and reduce the number of bursts and unplanned outages impacting the community.

Following on from the successful replacement of 600 meters of water main rehabilitation works on Church Lane, Greystones, Uisce Éireann, in partnership with Wicklow County Council, will replace approximately 250 meters of ageing and problematic backyard service water mains serving the 28 properties in St Bridget’s Park.

The new water mains, which will be installed to the front of the properties, will provide a more reliable water supply, improve water quality, and reduce the amount of treated drinking water lost to leakage.

The works, which are due to get underway on the week beginning Monday, May 22, will take place at the junction of St Bridget’s Park with Kindlestown Lower Road and are a critical step in reducing high levels of leakage, which have been a significant source of disruption and outages for customers.

Uisce Éireann said the backyard water mains are found in older areas and are often installed to the rear of a customer’s property and typically made of cast iron or lead.

Due to the age and deteriorating condition of the pipework, they are often a significant source of leakage and supply disruption for customers. The pipes are usually shared, running through a number of neighbouring properties, making it difficult to detect and repair leaks. Where properties share a connection, leaks and bursts affect all connected properties, resulting in low pressure and/or outages.

Commenting on the works, Joe Carroll, Infrastructure Delivery Programme Manager at Uisce Éireann said: “Old backyard service connections are a huge source of leakage and continue to impact communities right across Ireland, causing low pressure and supply disruption. Replacing these old water mains and service connections in poor condition will eliminate existing leaks and significantly reduce the amount of clean drinking water lost into the ground.”

Mr Carroll added: “This essential programme is only successful if all customers on a shared backyard water service connection, support and facilitate these vital works, so that old and leaking mains can be decommissioned and properties can be transferred to a new water main supply located to the front of the property.

“We would like to thank the local residents in St Bridget’s Park for facilitating these works and working with us to provide a more secure and reliable water supply for generations to come.”

The works will be carried out by Ward & Burke Construction Ltd on behalf of Uisce Éireann and are expected to be fully completed by the end of July. Uisce Éireann’s customer care helpline is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278.