Happy Pear twins to swim from Bray to Greystones

The Happy Pear twins, Steve and Dave Flynn (left) have revealed they are planning to swim from Bray to Greystones. Photo: Facebook

Jessica LambBray People

Wicklow’s most famous twins, Steve and Dave Flynn from The Happy Pear, have found themselves committed to swimming from Bray to Greystones next month.

Though dedicated to daily dipping in the Irish Sea at The Cove in Greystones, a short stroll from their flagship restaurant and shop, the pair are not known for swimming long distances, but revealed on Friday that is about to change.

It all began with a sauna chat a few months ago, where they set themselves the challenge of swimming the 8km of tidal waters from Bray to Greystones at the end of June.

The plan has been well-known amongst Greystones’s swimming community, but the brothers decided they needed more accountability to ensure they complete the endurance test, so took to social media to share their story so far.

“They set the end of June as their big swim day because A) it was far away enough to not start training and B) Irish waters,” the post read. “As the months crept closer, Steve naturally told everyone in Greystones the big plan - despite no training.

"However as the word spread, more people have joined the gang, it’s led to people lending us wet suits and most importantly - bought social accountability to the challenge! We now meet up to train in the evenings and I guess there’s no bigger social accountability for someone highly competitive than putting it online.”

Some of the challenges they face on this picturesque swim include strong currents, cool water temperatures of around 13-14C and jellyfish, who typically become a presence in those waters from June to October.

They could also come across seals and, less commonly, porpoises.