Sunday 18 February 2018

Jackie, Kevin masters of Lingstown course

THE COUNTY Wexford Masters and Junior cross-country championships were held in Lingstown, Tomhaggard, on Sunday last and were staged by Kilmore A.C.

There was a very good turn-out for both the ladies' and men's races, with Jackie Carty running out a very impressive winner of the Masters ladies' race from Ann Sullivan, while Kevin Murphy had a good battle with Myles Gibbons before managing to edge ahead in the last 400m to win the Masters men's title.

S.B.R. won the ladies' team title, on countback from Kilmore, while Slaney Olympic won the men's team title from S.B.R. Patrice O'Gorman won the Junior ladies' title from her Adamstown clubmate, Claire Stephenson.

Masters ladies' 3 km. race: 1, Jackie Carty (Kilmore), Over-40, 11.50; 2, Ann Sullivan (D.M.P.), Over-50, 12.27; 3, Catherine Walsh (Sliabh Buidhe Rovers), Over-40, 13.07; 4, Siobhán O'Shea (Slaney Olympic), Over-40, 13.25; 5, Helen Doyle (Kilmore), Over-40, 13.28; 6, Lillian Lawless (S.B.R.), Over-45, 13.56; 7, Catherine O'Connor (Menapians), Over-45, 14.27; 8, Sabina Sweeney (S.O.), Over-40, 14.35; 9, Claire Gibbons (S.B.R.), Over-35, 14.48; 10, Niamh Coman (D.M.P.), Over-35, 15.02; 11, Mag Dunphy (S.O.), Over-50, 15.38; 12, Linda Quinn (Kilmore), Over35, 16.05; 13, Annis Kehoe (S.O..), Over-55, 16.14; 14, Jane Porter (S.O.), Over-60, 16.20; 15, Deirdre Kavanagh (S.O.), Over-40, 17.52.

Masters age categories: Over-40 gold, Siobhán O'Shea; Over-45 gold, Lillian Lawless; Over50 gold, Mag Dunphy; Over-55 gold, Annis Kehoe; Over-60 gold, Jane Porter.

Teams: gold, Sliabh Buidhe Rovers, 18 points (third, sixth, ninth) - S.B.R. beat Kilmore on countback as S.B.R's last scorer finished in front of Kilmore's last scorer; silver, Kilmore, 18 points (first, fifth, 12th); bronze: Slaney Olympic, 23 points (fourth, eighth, eleventh).

Junior ladies' 3 km. race: 1, Patrice O'Gorman (Adamstown), 13.45; 2, Claire Stephenson (Adamstown), 17.48.

Masters men's 6 km. race: 1, Kevin Murphy (Slaney Olympic), Over-45, 21.58; 2, Myles Gibbons (Sliabh Buidhe Rovers), Over-35, 22.05; 3, Martin Monaghan (S.O.), Over-35, 22.13; 4, Jim Stafford (S.O.), Over-50, 22.18; 5, Ger Maloney (St. Paul's), Over-50, 22.22; 6, Ted Flannelly (United Striders), Over-45, 22.30; 7, David Barron (S.O.), Over-45, 22.52; 8, Tommy McElwaine (S.B.R.), Over-40, 23.22; 9, Pat O'Neill (S.B.R.), Over-40, 23.36; 10, Fintan Redmond (Racing795), Over-35, 23.49; 11, Paul Gibbons (S.B.R.), Over-35, 24.02; 12, David Leonard (S.B.R.), Over-40, 24.03; 13, John McGrath (U.S.), Over-40, 24.18; 14, Stephen Ainsworth (Menapians), Over-35, 24.20; 15, Brian O'Shaughnessy (Racing795), Over-35, 25.04; 16, John Roban (S.O.), Over-40, 25.13; 17, Billy Reck (S.O.), Over-40, 25.16; 18, Mick Morrissey (S.O.), Over-50, 25.40; 19, Emmett Malone (U.S.), Over-35, 25.43; 20, John O'Connor (S.O.), Over-45, 26.27; 21, Pat O'Callaghan (U.S.), Over45, 26.39; 22, Pat Kirwan (S.B.R.), Over-35, 26.55; 23, Paul Murphy (S.O.), Over-40, 27.11; 24, Mike Ryan (Racing795), Over-50, 27.28; 25, Conor Brady (U.S.), Over-35, 27.29; 26, Jordan Quinn (Kilmore), Over-35, 28.44; 27, Ger Murphy (S.O.), Over-45, 29.28; 28, Paul Foley (Kilmore), Over-50, 31.24; 29, Paddy Rossiter (U.S.), Over55, 32.02; 30, Graham Porter (S.O.), Over-60, 34.33; 31, Terry O'Keeffe (S.O.), Over-70, 37.29; 32, Billy Harpur (S.B.R.), Over-65, 37.29.

Masters age categories: Over-40 gold, Tommy McElwaine; Over-45 gold, Ted Flannelly; Over-50 gold, Jim Stafford; Over-55 gold, Paddy Rossiter; Over-60 gold, Graham Porter; Over-65 gold, Billy Harpur; Over-70 gold, Terry O'Keeffe.

Teams: gold, Slaney Olympic, eight points (first, third, fourth); silver, Sliabh Buidhe Rovers, 19 points (second, eighth, ninth); bronze, Slaney Olympic 'B', 40 points (seventh, 16th, 17th).

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