Sunday 25 March 2018

Classy Kirwan named best boxer in Wexford leagues

RYAN KIRWAN of Sacre Coeur was presented with the Willie Walsh Memorial Shield for best overall boxer of the Wexford leagues which concluded with finals in Sacre Coeur, Enniscorthy, on Monday and Tuesday last.

Saturday: Boy 1 33 kg., S. Doyle (Na Fianna) beat C. McDonald (St. Mary's), 3-0 (semi-final); Boy 1 31 kg., J. McHale (St. Aidan's) beat T. O'Reilly (Tramore), 3-0; Boy 1 36 kg., L. Hurley (Tramore) beat O. Carthy (Sacre Coeur), 3-0; Boy 2 33 kg., J. Eager (Grangecon) beat J. Nevin (St. Brigid's), 2-1; Boy 2 36 kg., L. Barrett (Paulstown) beat D. McCabe (Grangecon), 3-0; Boy 2 42 kg., J. Crean (C.B.S.) beat A. Mullaney (Paulstown), 3-0; Boy 4 33 kg., C. Jordan (St. Aidan's) beat S. O'Connor (Ryston), 3-0; Boy 4 39 kg., S. Flavin (Paulstown) beat S. Eager (Grangecon), 3-0; Boy 4 46 kg., A. McDonagh (St. Paul's) beat P. O'Reilly (Paulstown), 3-0; Boy 4 52 kg., J. Cullen (Paulstown) beat V. Komarshuk (C.B.S.), 3-0; Boy 4 60 kg., J. Kealy (Paulstown) beat M. Kehoe (Sacre Coeur), 3-0; Junior 1 44 kg., N. O'Reilly (Tramore) beat C. Turner (Ryston), 2-1; Junior 1 54 kg., I. Khlopchick (Tramore) beat J. Jackman (Paulstown), 2-1; Junior 2 54 kg., A. Dobbs (Ballagh) beat T. Carroll (St. Brigid's), 2-1; Junior 2 75 kg., T. Stevenson (St. Mary's) beat T. Jackman (Paulstown), 3-0; Junior 2 86 kg., J. Hughes (Ryston) beat J. Mullaney (Paulstown), 3-0; Senior 69 kg., C. McCarthy (St. Paul's) beat F. Redmond (Arklow), referee stopped contest, round two.

Sunday: Boy 1 33 kg., J.M. Hogan (St. Aidan's) beat S. Doyle (Na Fianna), 2-1; Boy 1 36 kg., O. Carthy (Sacre Coeur) beat B. Dodd (Clonard), 3-0; Boy 1 46 kg., B. Dunne (Ballagh), walkover; Boy 2 44 kg., J. Whelan (St. Ibar's), walkover; Boy 2 46 kg., S. Dempsey (Gorey), walkover; Boy 2 46 kg., J. Roche (Ballagh), walkover; Boy 2 50 kg., L. Sheil (St. Ibar's), walkover; Boy 2 52 kg., J. Walsh (C.B.S.), walkover; Boy 3 42 kg., D. Murphy (Sacre Coeur) beat C. Corrigan (Ballagh), 3-0; Boy 3 42 kg., D. Tierney (Clonard) beat A. Moody (Ballagh), 2-1; Boy 4 42 kg., E. Long (C.B.S.), walkover; Boy 4 54 kg., D. Breen (St. Michael's), walkover; Junior 1 63 kg., J. Duggan (C.B.S.) beat R. Kelly (St. Ibar's), 3-0; Intermediate 75 kg., N. O'Callaghan (Our Lady of Fatima) beat S. Reville (C.B.S.), referee stopped contest, round three; Junior 2 45 kg., K. Jackson (C.B.S.) beat L. Murphy (St. Aidan's), 2-1.

The Wexford county competition will be starting in St. Aidan's Boxing Club, Ferns, on Saturday, January 26, at 2 p.m. Hopefully we will see you there, and Wexford County Board would like to thank everyone for their great surpport which is appreciated by all of our boxers in the county.