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Full credit to Furlong on tough night to be in chair

Coiste na nOg Vice-Chairperson Marguerite Furlong found herself in a lonely place at the top table.

At any given time that can be the case for officers, but the controversy that surrounded the under-age body over recent weeks presented an embarrassing picture at their annual county Convention.

There was no Chairman (Bobby Goff), or no Secretary (Angela McCormack), both of whom had resigned in controversial circumstances, with their decisions unanimously accepted by the adult county management committee.

Treasurer Noel O'Keeffe had earlier relinquished his post following a controversial meeting of the under-age body.

When under-age club delegates gathered on Monday night of last week, the Vice-Chairperson, Marguerite Furlong, was flanked by Margaret Doyle (adult Co. Secretary), Andrew Nolan (adult Co. Treasurer), and Marian Doyle (Coiste administrator).

There was no Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer to be seen at a reduced top table that contained just one Coiste officer.

Wexford Coiste na nOg always presented a great reputation when it came to county Convention, but this was damaged so much by recent happenings that one could have felt sorry for Marguerite Furlong.

There was no need though, as she handled the proceedings in a professional manner, dealing with motions and other questions.

She also showed an immense grasp of the G.A.A. and its role in society, along with the work of the volunteers. Her address covered all aspects of the G.A.A. and was truly magnificent.

It helped in lifting what was a rather subdued atmosphere, as delegates seemed devoid of real interest given the limited topics for discussion.

And just to demonstrate that, the county Convention was over in little more than three-quarters of an hour.

While this was all happening, two of the personnel at the centre of the storm, Goff and McCormack, arrived at the rear of the convention room. They must have been happy with the professional running of Convention.

Noel O'Keeffe, who was cast aside during the open canvassing at that controversial Coiste meeting, acted in a dignified manner by not attending Convention and potentially putting those in attendance in an embarrassing position.

While Marguerite Furlong through her address did much to lift the spirits of delegates, it still was a most sombre night for the under-age body.

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