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Eight seek All Stars

Two big hurling fundraisers on way


Rory O’Connor, Young Hurler of the Year nominee

Rory O’Connor, Young Hurler of the Year nominee


Rory O’Connor, Young Hurler of the Year nominee

While Wexford received eight All Star hurling nominations, manager Davy Fitzgerald has fired back that he felt they should have received more.

When it comes to All Star announcements, it always brings a share of matters to debate, but for the first time since 1996 Wexford have been honoured with eight nominations.

Wexford have had many stars as they won their first Leinster title in 15 years, so it was not a surprise to see so many of the players receive nominations for All Star recognition.

Wexford's eight are Liam Ryan, Matthew O'Hanlon, Pádraig Foley, Diarmuid O'Keeffe, Lee Chin, Conor McDonald, Rory O'Connor and Kevin Foley.

While many believe that Wexford will receive at least two All Stars on the night, Fitzgerald is adamant that we should have got at least three more nominations.

'I really believe we should have received at least three more. I believe that Liam Og McGovern, for his huge workrate alone, Shaun Murphy and Mark Fanning, were very, very unlucky not to have been included.

'When you look at it, Kilkenny received nine, and won no silverware. Limerick also have nine. So I believe we should have had more,' he added.

Rory O'Connor is also a contender for Young Hurler of the Year, having been nominated alongside Adrian Mullen (Kilkenny) and Kyle Hayes (Limerick).

O'Connor has been in inspirational form for Wexford this year, and should be in close contention when the winner is announced.

Meanwhile, as Fitzgerald begins preparations for the 2020 season, supporters will soon have an opportunity to go behind the scenes, witnessing what it entails to prepare an inter-county side.

Three momentous years of Wexford hurling have been recorded, with all the behind the scenes activity detailed on a DVD which will be launched in the coming weeks.

As Fitzgerald gets to grips with preparation for the new season, having agreed to return for a further two years at the helm, he is now looking forward to huge money-making initiatives.

'We have prepared a DVD which we will launch as a fundraiser for Wexford hurling. We hope to have it ready over the next three to four weeks.

'I have been recording behind the scenes since I took over Wexford Senior hurling. We will have everything that goes along with the preparation of a side for inter-county hurling.

'It will take supporters behind the scenes, they will be able to observe the preparations, the behind the scenes activities, and all coinciding with an inter-county side's preparation. It's very interesting,' Fitzgerald said.

'We hope to have it available in three to four weeks. More detail will be announced shortly. It's a venture involving management and players.'

Although only officially back at the helm a short few days, Fitzgerald is still ahead of himself in planning his side's financial way forward.

'We are also organising a corporate dinner. On the night we will be presenting the Leinster Senior hurling championship medals.

'We are working on this at the moment.

'The venue will be Clayton Whites Hotel, and we will be settling on a date shortly.

'We hope to attract 50 to 60 tables for the occasion. It's an important fundraiser for the team,' Fitzgerald added.

Full details will be announced shortly.

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