Saturday 16 December 2017

Dr. Bowe ends years of loyal service

WEXFORD'S SENIOR hurling team will no longer have the services of their long-standing medical officer, Dr. Stephen Bowe.

Dr. Bowe (pictured) had been carrying on a family tradition which goes back many years, having manned the sideline in his medical capacity not just to the Senior hurling side but also in the under-age hurling grades.

And in a separate revelation during the discussion, County Chairman, Diarmuid Devereux, informed the meeting that the service of physiotherapists is being dealt with, with a new charter being put in place 'as it cost the County Board a fortune' last year.

When questioned about Dr. Bowe's position, the County Chairman told the meeting that he was not dropped but that he had resigned as medical officer to the Senior hurling team.

The Chairman said that Dr. Bowe had been in communication with him. He stood down over a dispute between himself and the physiotherapist, he added.

'I am trying to sort it out. This is part of a bigger issue. We took an audit last year and the cost of physiotherapists was shocking. Teams cannot take the field now without physiotherapists, masseurs, etc., and now they are talking about construction physiotherapists.

'There's a new rule in now regarding one medical person being allowed on the sideline. I see one county is making a real issue out of it. There is a lot to be dealt with,' he said.

'The managers pick the medical people for teams but this is the last year that's going to happen, as in future it will be a chartered physiotherapist.'

Dr. Bowe was carrying on the family tradition started by his late father who is commemorated with the Co. Senior hurling championship cup.

Meanwhile, Wexford G.A.A. are breaking with a tradition going back more than one hundred years by withdrawing the official booklet from County Convention, delegates at last week's meeting were informed.

Clonard representative, Dave Ormonde, asked why the booklet was being done away with.

County Chairman, Diarmuid Devereux, in a curt reply, said 'to save money'.

However, Ormonde told the Chairman that should they be unable to produce a Convention booklet things must be in a bad way financially.

'We must be in a serious position. The Convention booklet has a certain standing in the community,' he said.

The County Chairman said they are not doing away with the booklet as such but it will be done electronically and e-mailed to the clubs who then can print it off.

'I will be opposing this,' said Ormonde.

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