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The Normans

The Normans - The Presentation Centre in Enniscorthy is currently providing the venue for a special workshop based around the Normans.

The final, free workshop will take place on Saturday, October 19.

It will see participants getting involved in a Norman art project with artist Nadia Corridan. County Wexford is well known for how the Normans left their influence on the social fabric of the county and it's a fact that is evident in many of the family names synonymous with the county.

The overall Norman influence on the county will be one focus of attention during the workshop which will place an emphasis on examining, through art and history, the huge influence the Normans had on shaping the culture of the model county.

Participants of the workshop will be encouraged to enter into dialogue and in keeping with the truly interactive nature of the initiative, open discussions will also take place based around a number of different topics. The workshop in the Presentation Centre is open to all members of the family and will begin at 1.30 p.m.

For more information contact the Presentation Centre on 053 9233000. .presentationcentreenniscorthy@gmail.com

Wexford People