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Rory's 'eclectic' exhibits get everyone talking


Rory Waters and Michael Duggan with one of Rory’s photos

Rory Waters and Michael Duggan with one of Rory’s photos

Rory Waters and Michael Duggan with one of Rory’s photos

It was a proud day for local photographer Rory Waters as he showcased his very first exhibition of original work at 9 Mallin St.

This eclectic collection of photos was officially opened by well-known Wexford-based photographer Michael Duggan, and he was full of praise for the debut exhibitor.

'Rory has a good eye and will often see things others will miss,' said Micheal.

Explaining how he became interested in photography, Rory said he had only got into it by chance, an old family camera sparking an interest which has gradually developed over the years.

He began by taking pictures of his family members before moving on to more abstract images and is now fully immersed in the world of photography. Stating that he 'loves taking pictures' Rory has vowed to continue his work and hopes to have more exhibitions in the coming months.

The opening of Rory's work was well attended and the topic of much converstaion as there were recognisable shots from around Wexford, pictures Rory captured while travellng and some alternative takes on traditional views from around the county.

Rory made a brief speech thanking people for attending and those who supported the exhibition.

When pushed for a quote, Rory said, 'I was nervous putting my photos up for people to look at and talk about but I am delighted that so many people turned up. I think they like what they see.'

In addition to Rory's work, four Batik pieces were also displayed. These pieces are originals created by Marie Kavanagh, Gavin Byrne, Martina Breen and Ann Doyle.

Rory concluded by saying he is looking forward to developing his enterprise further and continuing to freelance throughout the county.

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