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New research group looks into the paranormal


Shane Kenny, Sandra Hornick-Kenny and Andrew Kenny, from South East Paranormal

Shane Kenny, Sandra Hornick-Kenny and Andrew Kenny, from South East Paranormal Research

Shane Kenny, Sandra Hornick-Kenny and Andrew Kenny, from South East Paranormal Research

A new Wexford based group has been set up to investigate paranormal incidents around the county and across the wider south east region.

South East Paranormal Research was established by a team of dedicated researchers who have a passionate interest in and experience of investigating hard-to-explain, apparently supernatural, occurrences.

What makes the team stand out from other groups operating around the country is the credibility of the people behind it.

Filmmaker and artist, Andrew Kenny, his wife, Sandra, and his songwriter brother, Shane Kenny, decided to set up the group to give a scientific approach to supernatural investigations.

A significant aspect of their work is that they view all incidents as having rational explanations before entertaining the thought that something paranormal is occurring.

'We are researchers who explore the possibilities of the paranormal,' said Shane, when commenting on the group to this newspaper.

'We research locations with an alleged history of hauntings,' he added.

Andrew pointed out there is a scientific approach to what they do and while not overly sceptical the members always try to find a rational explanation to the seemingly unnatural occurrences they experience.

'We aim to research and study a variety of phenomena popularly associated with ideas of apparent paranormal activity,' he said.

The team evaluates its investigations using audio and visual recordings in addition to carrying out research using other 'experimental' methods of communication.

The SEPR group always double-checks everything it does to ensure that no stone has been left unturned in the members' efforts to get to the bottom of whatever particular incident they are investigating and they always try to find a rational explanation first.

'We focus primarily on ruling out possible rational explanations first, before looking at a paranormal explanation,' said Shane.

'We document and record each investigation by creating and re-testing experiments,' he added.

The group takes a methodical approach to its work and the members admit they are sceptical and always seek to get a balanced view.

While their own group is relatively new the members have many years experience between them of working in the area of paranormal activity with other groups.

However, theirs is a non-profit initiative and they don't rely on or employ the use of mediums, clairvoyants, or psychics in their work.

'We believe a more scientific approach is more appropriate to our methods,' said Shane.

During one recent investigation that took place in the Atheneum in Enniscorthy the group recorded apparent music sounds from a room in which there was no-one present.

Unexplained sounds were also recorded by the group in Redwood Castle in Co Tipperary.

Despite extensive investigation and analysis the sounds remain unexplainded.

Anyone with a building or premises they feel might be haunted or subject to strange occurrences is invited to contact the group which will carry out an investigation free-of-charge.

South East Paranormal Research group is available for private investigations and can be contacted through various social media platforms. Its work is also carried out in strict confidence if desired by those who avail of its services.

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