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Micro to Macro in Maudlintown


One of the artworks

One of the artworks

One of the artworks

Micro to Macro is the title of an exhibition by children from Southend youth groups which is opening in the Family Resource in Maudlintown, Wexford on Thursday, May 16.

The exhibition is the culmination of a 10-week project which introduced students to a broad range of art-making skills, including drawing, print-making, painting, photography and sculpture.

The project centred around the current rejuvenation of 'The Rocks' public park in Maudlintown where nature trails, walking paths and other improvements are under development by Wexford County Council.

Artist Kate Murphy who helped to facilitate the project said she hoped the participants have gained a renewed appreciation of, and connection to their local area through the project, encouraging them to become invested in the upkeep and regeneration of their local parkland.

The children including Anthony Wilburn, Scott Gabbett, Jack Cullen, Christy Berry, Chloe Wilburn, Wilburn, Rhianna Burke, Cora Byrne, Katie Still, Rhiann Reynolds, Catie Wilburn, Rose O' Leary, Lauren Still, Sophie Lawlor, Holly Dwyer, Joslin Estaffian-Mimi, Alex Cullen Phillips, James Cullen Phillips, Conor Cullen, Stephen Furlong Crean and Daniel Lawlor, tried out a range of art processes and made site visits to The Rocks to look at the plants and trees and to get ideas for their work.

They also visited Wexford Arts Centre to view the Living Arts exhibition, a collection of children's art produced alongside professional artists.

Kate Murphy worked with two girls' groups while artists Nick Jarmin and Pavlina Kubelkova worked with a boys' group each. The groups regularly attend Southend Family Resource Centre as part of their after-schools group activities.

The artists set out to help the children learn visual and critical thinking skills as well as organising fun activities like painting Easter windows.

The project was funded by Wexford Local Development and facilitated through Wexford Arts Centre.

The exhibition will be officially opened at 6 p.m. and all are invited to attend.

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