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Memories of a past life in new book by Lucy Costigan


Author Lucy Costigan

Author Lucy Costigan

Author Lucy Costigan


A new book titled 'Bouquet of White Roses: Quest for truth about Aunt Sue and Me' has just been published by the Wexford author Lucy Costigan.

Part autobiography and part family research, the book is based on Lucy's determination to unearth the truth about her connection with her aunt Sue, who lived through the 1920's and tragically died at the age of 20 from TB.

Since childhood Lucy had a deep affinity with the Roaring Twenties - for her the style, fashion, music and especially the Charleston all evoked a great sense of freedom and joy.

She always felt a special closeness to her aunt Sue as though she was guiding her and had a recurring dream that she didn't understand, featuring an image of a bouquet of roses presented by a man in the depths of sadness.

She said that when she visited a medium in her mid-20's, the details of a past life emerged, indicating that she had lived before as her aunt during the 1920's when Sue had fallen in love with a Dublin man called Tom.

Lucy began delving into decades of family research and engaged in further readings, regression therapy and ancestral healing, in an attempt to explain the link. She said she wrote the book because she felt compelled to tell the world about her experiences during this astonishing episode in her life.

'Bouquet of White Roses' is presented as the autobiographical story of Lucy Costigan, a young Wexford girl, working in Dublin, who is troubled by personal issues. On the advice and recommendation of close friends, she arranges an appointment with a spiritual medium, Brendan O' Callaghan.

She attends for her session at 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon on Tuesday, March 27, 1990, unsure of what to expect. O' Callaghan conducted a spiritual reading which reveals that Lucy had lived previously.

Lucy outlines how she was shocked to her core and recognised immediately that the past life person he was talking about was her aunt Susannah Costigan.

That date and its revelations would prove to be a momentous day in her life because of its far reaching effects on every aspect of her future.

The events are retold in 'Bouquet of White Roses' and deal with Lucy's reaction to discovering she was the reincarnation of her aunt, who had lived almost 60 years previously and how she went about living her life from then on. Lucy has written two books with Michael Cullen about the stained glass artist Harry Clarke - 'Strangest Genius' (The History Press 2010) and 'Dark Beauty' (Merrion 2019) and a number of novels. 'Bouquet of White Roses' by Enlighten Publishing of Wexford is available for sale on Amazon.