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Everyone's singing 'Loch Garman Abú'

THE BOYS of 1996 made ' Dancing at the Crossroads' their anthem and now the girls have their very own song.

'Loch Garman Abú' was penned by Wexford singer songwriter Michael D'Arcy and younger brother of goalkeeper Mags D'Arcy in the summer of 2010 when the Wexford Senior and Intermediate Camogie teams both reached their respective All-Ireland finals.

In that year the senior team went on to beat Galway in their final, but the intermediate lost out to Offaly.

Since then the team have used the song as a motivator, playing it in the dressing room before games and on the bus journey to and from matches.

Seeing as the song was written especially for them they say that they feel a sense of ownership of it.

At their homecoming last Monday night, Wexford Borough Council asked Michael and other members of the band 'Corner Boy' to perform the song live as a part of the celebrations.

Cian McGovern, Mathew O'Brien and Michael Sutherland are also part of the band 'Corner Boy'.

Well known traditional musician Eabha Dearle was their special guest on the night. She played the concertina on the night.

Following a powerful rendition of 'Loch Garman Abú' the group belted out other popular G.A.A. songs such as ' The Purple and Gold' and 'Dancing at the Crossroads' which shot to national recognition in 1996.

Everyone knows the lyrics of ' The Purple and Gold' so people might be interested to hear that the women have their own anthem:

The lyrics of 'Loch Garman Abú': There's fires roaring, In every corner of Loch Garman tonight, There up in Camolin, And there blaring up in Oulart, And blazing in the Faythe.

Everyones singing, 'Loch Garman Abú', For Wexford's bringing, The All-Ireland and its glory home to you. So we went to Dublin, And we painted the fair city in purple and in gold. A young Marty Morrissey said Wexford Camogie was bringing back, Our glory days of old. So with that Mags D'Arcy pucked the ball out to Kate Kelly, 'Cause she saw her on her own And she found Una Leacy, who ran 40yards down the field And stuck it in the goal. Loch Garman, Loch Garman Abú, Oh...Loch Garman, Loch Garman Abú. For the pride, for the pride. For the passion, for the passion. And for your home. For every Wexford man and woman, In every corner of the Globe. From New York to Sydney Bay, to the streets of Wexfords town We are one. We are purple, We are gold. Loch Garman, Loch Garman Abú, Oh...Loch Garman, Loch Garman Abú. And now its Monday Morning And County Wexford, Is a different place. Lone behold, Round every corner, There's a banner waving proudly. And there's a flag in every house and home. Everyone's singing Loch Garman Abú. For Wexford Camogie brought the O'Duffy And its glory home to you.