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Campile author's Fenian Boy book


Paddy Cummins’ latest book, ‘The Bold Fenian Boy’, is now on sale

Paddy Cummins’ latest book, ‘The Bold Fenian Boy’, is now on sale

Paddy Cummins’ latest book, ‘The Bold Fenian Boy’, is now on sale

Campile author Paddy Cummins has written a biography of one of Ireland's most famous heroes of the 1800s, 'The Bold Fenian Boy', John Casey.

Over the years Cummins has penned 17 books. His four novels have been best-sellers on Amazon, while his two travel books are multiple 'number ones' and his epic book, The Crying Sea, is now a film.

His previous book 'Dark Secrets' - released last year - has just been published worldwide and Paddy is hoping its tale of life in rural Wexford will be another hit.

The Bold Fenian Boy marks a departure for the author as he wades into the biography genre for the first time with this tale of an inspirational Irishman who shot to fame during the post Famine period of turmoil.

Cummins said John Keegan Casey's legacy needs to be spoken more of.

'With the passing decades since his dead on St Patrick's Day in 1870 he has become somewhat forgotten and would be little known by the present generation.'

He said Casey's funeral at Glasnevin Cemetery was the largest ever seen in Dublin.

'He was the champion of the tenant farmers in their fight against poverty, starvation and cruel evictions by landlords.'

He was loved by the people for his inspirational poetry including The Rising of The Moon, The Reaper of Glenree, The Forging of the Pikes and The Patriot's Love, feared by the British because of the motivational power of his poems. He was locked in a prison cell, subjected to mental and physical torture and was eventually released as a broken man. 'He died soon afterwards from his ill treatment.'

Positive reviews have been forthcoming about the book including from this reader: 'I, like most of my present generation, was vaguely aware of the history of the Famine years in Ireland and the tyranny and oppression suffered by the poor Irish. I knew nothing of John Keegan Casey except that he was the writer of the well-known rebel song, "The Rising of the Moon". But now, having read this wonderful little book, I know him from the cradle to the grave, and I also know the history of Ireland from the 1798 Rebellion to the 1916 Rising.'

'The Bold Fenian Boy' is available to purchase online on Amazon.

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