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Artist Eamonn turns spotlight on horrors of war

Gorey's Eamonn Carter has been an artist professionally since 1984 and he has contributed to exhibitions all over Ireland as well as being a founder of the Gorey School of Art.

Carter's latest exhibition, 'Lest We Forget Krakow 1939-1945', was launched at Gorey Library with the Polish Ambassador to Ireland, Anna Sochanska, and will run for the month of November.

In his latest work, he takes a step back in time and explores themes of World War II in Poland, such as the horrors of the Holocaust and concentration camps.

Critics say that his paintings exude an uncomfortable silence, 'not always seen as an appropriate response' and all are based on photographs taken by the artist on a visit to Auschwitz in the spring of this year.

A large crowd gathered to be the first to see 'Lest We Forget', which explores both youth and aging in a time of complete uncertainty.

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