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A case of Stagefright in Carnegie Hall

Wexford a cappella group Stagefright are bound for Carnegie Hall to perform in the famous venue as part of a global choir.

The group have been invited to participate in the sixth annual production of Total Vocal, a performance of contemporary a cappella under the direction of arranger/producer Deke Sharon of the Sing-Off and Pitch Perfect.

The invitation has come from Distinguished Concerts International New York for its Concert Series in New York City.

The performance is scheduled to take place on Sunday, March 29, 2020 in the Isaac Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall.

Stagefright will join other singers from around the world to form the Distinguished Concerts Singers International. Deke Sharon will lead the performance and the rehearsals during the residency.

Dr Jonathan Griffith, aristic director and principal conductor for DCINY, said that Stagefright received the invitation because of the quality and high level of musicianship demonstrated by the singers and the high standard of their audition recording.

'It is quite an honour just to be invited to perform in New York.

'These wonderful musicians not only represent a high quality of music and education, but they also become ambassadors for the entire community. This is an event of extreme pride for everybody and deserving of the community's recognition and support', he said.

Stagefright will spend five days in New York City preparing for the concert, spending about 10 hours in rehearsals during the trip.

While the performance is the primary purpose of the trip, they won't be spending all their time in rehearsals and will also get a chance to explore the city's culture and history.

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