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O'Shea hopes to fill void left by Wallace's departure

Countdown to the General Election


Seanie O’Shea

Seanie O’Shea

Seanie O’Shea

After almost a decade of working behind the scenes with Mick Wallace MEP, Seanie O'Shea will step into the spotlight and contest this year's General Election as a candidate for Independents 4 Change.

Best known for his involvement with Wexford FC, where he is the current Club Chairman, Seanie has been an integral part of MEP Wallace's canvassing team since 2011.

However, following the latter's election to the European Parliament last year a void has been left in Wexford politics, one Seanie believes he can fill.

'If I was lucky enough to be elected I won't be restrained by a big party, I'll be an independent voice,' he said.

'And I would make changes if I got in. Mick was the main opposition up in the Dáil, everyone would acknowledge that, but he was also one of the hardest-working politicians up there. I would continue where he left off.'

Revealing that it was Mick himself who encouraged him to run, Seanie said that although he is a first-time candidate he does have some experience in the political sphere.

'Obviously I'm new but I would have been working behind the scenes with Mick for many years so I'm not going in completely blind.

'All I can promise is I'll be honest and hard-working and will represent the people of Wexford to the best of my abilities.'

Having worked as a publican in both Wexford Town and Blackwater, the father-of-three began his involvement with Wexford FC (formerly Wexford Youths) in 2007.

And his love of sport extends beyond the beautiful game. 'I've been involved in sport all my life; in GAA, soccer, rugby, anything with a ball really. I went to school in Blackwater and played all my GAA there. Since starting with Wexford Youth I've been general manager, dogsbody and now chairman.'

But it is in his newest role where Seanie hopes to have the biggest impact locally. And his message for voters is a simple one.

'If people are happy enough with how things are then re-elect those in power. If not, then they should give me their number one.'

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