Friday 20 April 2018

'You can't trust any kind of tablets out there or it could end in tragedy like it did with Shane'

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The mother of a New Ross teenager who is believed to have fallen victim to a new brand of ecstasy tablets known as 'green apple' or 'Green Rolex' has urged other young people to learn from her son's death.

Trisha Fahey said that she was 'shocked' and that it was 'completely out of character' for her son, 16-year-old Shane Cotton from Priory Court, to be involved with anything like ecstasy tablets. She went on to warn young people to stay away from any kind of illegal drugs.

'We're waiting to hear back from the toxicology report at the moment,' she said. 'So we're not really too sure of the details. What I do know though and a few of his friends told me the same, is that taking pills wasn't something that he was into. He didn't even drink much. He was just a typical young lad with dreams of college, travel and getting his licence and starting to drive. I was excited for him. He was definitely not a fella who'd be bothered by that kind of thing.'

'There were so many young people at the funeral,' Trisha continued. 'Hopefully those young people will think twice now before taking anything like that. What I would say to them is that you can't trust any kind of tablets out there and it could end in tragedy like it did with Shane.'

Shane was at a party with friends in Waterford when he came into contact with the deadly drug, which contains highly toxic chemicals PMA and PMMA as well as the MDMA which is common in ecstasy tablets. The pills are green in colour and are stamped with a Rolex watch logo and Gardaí and HSE officials are warning people to avoid them at all costs.

Shane was in the process of studying for his Leaving Cert through an XLc Course in Waterford when he passed away. He had previously been a student at Good Counsel College before attending YouthReach and then the XLc Course in the hopes of furthering his education by going to college.

'He really wanted to go to college in Waterford,' said Trisha. 'A lot of his friends were a bit older than him and he couldn't wait to get on and go to college. He was hoping to do some kind of communications or computer course.'

A big passion in Shane's life was sport and he was a member of St Michael's Street boxing club and Celtic Dragon kickboxing club where he showed a lot of promise. He also played for Ross Celtic in his younger days. Later in life, Shane developed a great love of music and would DJ and write raps in his spare time.

A young man with great talent and potential, his death has shocked the community in New Ross, but Trisha is hoping that young people will learn from the tragedy that she and her family are struggling to come to terms with.

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