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Works at The Crescent are set to continue until end of September


Work goes on at Crescent Quay.

Work goes on at Crescent Quay.

Work goes on at Crescent Quay.

Periodic traffic backlogs as a result of works ongoing at Crescent Quay are to continue after it emerged that the project has hit somewhat of a snag and will not be completed until some time in September.

The project, which is said to be costing somewhere in the region of €2.5 million, was due to be completed by late July or early August. However, with the passing of this deadline, the project looks far from complete with workers still busily laying footpaths and pouring concrete on a daily basis.

In addition to this, further delays are anticipated to allow for road re-surfacing at the Crescent when the work concludes. Wexford County Council are understood to be examining a number of options as to how to carry this out while causing the least amount of disruption possible.

A spokesperson for Wexford County Council said: 'There are no major issues. Basically there has been a bit of a delay as a result of the complexity of services that are located beneath the ground in the Crescent area. Really this is standard enough with a contract in an urban setting like this. You just don't know what you will find until you start digging.'

'Having said that,' he continued. 'We're confident that it won't cause major delays to the project and we're hopeful that the work should be fully completed by the end of September. In relation to how this affects the budget, it's probably too early to tell, but it shouldn't have any undue impact.'

Having liaised with the council's Special Projects Department, Mayor George Lawlor was also hopeful that the project wouldn't be unduly delayed.

'They've encountered some underground services that hadn't been anticipated,' he said.

'It's quite delicate work and they don't want to disturb anything, so it's made things a little more difficult than had initially been anticipated.'

Cllr Lawlor says that the council are confident that the roadside segments of the project will be completed by the end of the month, leaving just the work at the water side to complete.

'I hope that in 30 years time, people will admire the work done and talk about how fine the area looks, rather than how long it took,' Cllr Lawlor concluded.

The project has been the source of great discussion amongst the general public since work began. Many have accused the work of papering over the cracks, with the Crescent still filled with silt and mud, however, an application has been made for a dredging licence and the council are looking at a number of options to address this problem long-term.

In addition, major concerns have been expressed over the narrowing of the road and whether larger vehicles will be able to pass each other comfortably. However, council engineers are remaining firm that they have examined this and they are confident that it will work going forward.

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